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Metallic Color Transfer Foil
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Product information:

Name: Accessories Nail Art Designs 12 Colors Double-Sided Tin Foil Nail Art Foil Decoration

Model: SK-ZP102

MOQ: 50 sets

Metallic Color Transfer Foil, total 3 designs available.

ZP102 (2)

12 pots of creative nail art foil chips, with golden, silver, rainbow & copper colors in different shapes and sizes.

Separate box for easy storage and is not easy to break; easy to pick up - use a toothpick with a moistened end.

These nail kits are colorful, which makes your nail look pretty and attractive, DIY your fingernails.

It is made of safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly material, harmless to your nails. Fingernail Decoration.

To apply either embed in acrylic or gel or use on the nail adhering to polish sticky and finishing with a top coat.

ZP102 (6)

How to use: clean your nail first, then brush the base nail polish onto the surface, next apply our nail decorations on your nail, and cover it with a clear top coat, just create your personalized nail decorations through these supplies. accessories nail art designs


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