What to replace without nail seal?

- Nov 16, 2020-

What to replace without nail seal?

No sealant can be replaced by primer. The primer is the same as the sealing layer. It is colorless and transparent. If there is no sealing layer, you can use the primer instead of the sealing layer. Some primers are dual-purpose. In addition to the primer, it is also Can be used as a sealing layer.


What is the role of the seal?

The nail seal is an essential step. If there is no seal, the nail will be spent in minutes. The seal is to consolidate the nail pattern and style and make the nail more durable. The nail seal is the last step and must be done well.


How long does the seal take?

The sealing layer nail art has two types: scrub sealing layer and no-clean sealing layer. The non-washing seal layer is a seal layer that does not need to be scrubbed. It dries out naturally after lighting, and the operation is relatively simple. To scrub the sealing layer, you need to scrub the floating glue after lighting. After lighting, stay for about 30 seconds, and then use a cotton pad to soak the detergent or 95% concentration of medical alcohol to wipe off the floating glue on the nail surface, so that it can dry naturally.