The role of armor oil

- Jan 09, 2019-

The total composition of armor oil is similar to that of nail polish, but its pigment content is less than nail polish, so the nail polish that everyone sees is transparent or light.

The biggest role of armor oil is to separate the nail polish and nails to prevent the bright nail polish from immersing in the nails.

There is also a kind of armor oil that can evenly pounce on the nails to fill the small depressions on the surface of the nails, so that the nail polish can be well coated on the upper side to develop color better. There are also nail polishes that adjust the color of the nails. For example, if the nails are yellow, it is recommended to use light blue armor oil (read earth has a strong white blue armor oil before reading earth is this function, there is a certain Covering power) Apply a layer of nail polish.

According to your needs to buy the best things you apply to the nails will affect the nails breathing, cover one layer after another. This is unavoidable, for the sake of beauty.