The purchase of armor oil

- Jan 10, 2019-

When choosing a nail polish, we must first consider its color, smoothness and smell, which can be seen before buying, but girls do not think that the faster the nail polish is dried, the better. If the nail polish is dry quickly, it means that it has some quick-drying agent. This kind of nail polish has a great influence on the gloss and firmness. Therefore, it is not as fast as possible!

Armor oil can be used alone or before applying nail polish. Many armor oils come in a variety of colors, and it is generally better to choose a healthy color.

In addition, it is recommended to buy armor oil in the regular store of professional nails. Although the famous make-up brands also introduce armor oil, the ingredients inside are often not very professional. After all, they are making makeup, armor oil is still in the nail art. Buy more professional.

Nail painting seems to be the way of nails that many girls will choose, but I hope that the girls don't want to be cheap, remember to choose a good armor to protect the nails. A few easy-to-use armor oils; let you feel free to do your favorite nail painting style.