The basic structure of nails

- Feb 26, 2020-

Healthy nails are very shiny. The growth of our nails will be about 3 mm per month, and the cycle of metabolism will be half a year.Let me tell you more about the basic structure of nails today.

One, methyl

The methyl group is located at the root of our nails and is used to produce the protein cells that make up the nails. The methyl group contains capillaries, lymphatic vessels, and nerves. Nail nails will feel very sensitive.


The nail root is located under the skin of our nails, which is very weak. The manicure member feels that he can let the newly generated nails push and grow outward to promote the renewal of the nails.

Third, finger skin and back edge of nails

The finger skin is a layer of skin covering the top of the nail, as well as the backyard covering the nails.

Fourth, the arc

The nail arc is a white half-moon at the junction of nail roots and nail beds. Nail art joining reminds you that the nail cover is not firmly attached to the methyl group, but is connected with nail nails.