Teach you how to nail

- Nov 06, 2020-

Thoroughly clean the nail surface

Nail experts say: Before making a beautiful one, you must thoroughly clean your fingertips and nail surface. The best way is to polish the nails into a suitable shape, damp a cotton pad with high-quality nail polish remover, and gently wipe the surface of the nails to remove the grease and impurities on the surface. Then apply primer to ensure that the nail polish lasts longer and the color is better.


In order to be lazy, some girls often omit the step of applying nail polish and directly use colored nail polish for manicure. This is wrong. Before applying the colored nail polish, apply a layer of primer to prevent the nails from turning yellow and increase the hardness of the nails. The subsequent colored nail polish will also be colored better, and the color is stable and not easy to fall off. It is recommended to apply a layer of nail polish on the surface of each nail and let it dry naturally.

The thickness of the nail polish should be moderate

When applying colored nail polish, first hold the nail polish in your palm, and heat the nail polish with the temperature of the palm of your hand, so that the temperature of the nail polish is close to body temperature. Then take an appropriate amount of nail polish, apply a thin, even layer on the brush and the nail surface at a 65-degree angle. After the first layer is dry, apply the second layer to make the color more saturated. It should be noted that if the colored nail polish has already condensed, it cannot be used.

Don't apply nail polish to the skin

When applying nail polish, you must precisely control the area to be applied, and try not to touch the skin around the nail, otherwise it will easily cause the nail polish to fall off. It is recommended that when applying nail polish, hold a tennis ball or other ball-shaped objects of the same size, so that the fingers can be separated naturally, which is conducive to the application of nail polish. If you accidentally apply nail polish to the edge of your nails, quickly scrape off the undried nail polish with a cotton swab.

Bright oil

The gloss oil is the last step of the entire nail art, used to shape and brighten the entire nail shape. It can protect the color of nail polish and effectively prevent the nail polish from discoloring and cracking. Professional advice: You can apply a layer of polish every three to four days to make your nails more durable.