Nail Tips

- Oct 30, 2020-

Glue skills

Before applying the primer, you can apply anti-warping agent or treatment liquid first, and the nail art made is particularly strong!

When applying primer, first apply the front half of the armor, and then brush the entire nail from the rear edge to better compress the primer to prevent the front edge from cracking.

In fact, the durability is not so difficult. If you are patient, apply a thin and even primer, it will last longer than usual!

Share some tips on how to evenly apply a single color. Apply thinly, spread as much as possible first, pick up the nail holder or turn your hand upside down for a few seconds to let the nail polish automatically level, because the nail polish has a certain fluidity. After turning over the lamp, you will find that the nail polish is applied very evenly, and light colors are especially suitable.

Tips for applying nails

When attaching the nail piece, use a thin sand strip to make a few circles on the glue point, like a thin nail, then the glue stick will be very firm, and then use the reinforcement glue or phototherapy glue to flatten it slightly, and it will be very smooth and beautiful.

When novices practice nail sticking, polish the model's nails with a polishing strip and then apply a layer of no-clean sealant before practicing nail sticking. It is very convenient to remove the nail piece at the end. It takes a little effort to pull it off. The sealing layer and the nail piece will come down together, which does not damage the nails at all. It is super easy to use and saves time.