Nail care

- Jan 05, 2019-

1. Use a nail clipper to flatten and slant the mouth. Start trimming the side of the nail from the nail and leave the length of the nail you want. To slowly trim the side from the side, do not cut the entire nail from the middle, so that the nail is easily broken by excessive pressure.

2, Began to repair with sand bars

3. After repairing the shape, apply a dead skin softener on the finger skin and apply it to the semicircle junction where the nail and the meat are handed over.

4, More dead skin MM can be used to pour a handful of warm water for a little about 5 minutes, so that the dead skin will become softer and better trim.

5, When there is a meat thorn, you can use the dead skin to cut off. Before cutting, apply a layer of softener on the skin of the nail to stay for one minute, wait for the keratin to soften, and it will be convenient and thorough when removed. If you go directly to the dead skin without softening, you will feel pain. When peeling the skin, push the keratin of the nail to the edge of the nail with the finger skin, then trim it with the dead skin scissors along the edge of the nail, and finally trim it to the perfect shape with the dead skin fork.

Note: Push the skin with a finger to gently push the dead skin. Pay special attention here. The dead skin can't be pushed very hard. Push the untidy finger into a neat round shape, push the skin and nail surface into 30. Degree angle, you MM remember, finger skin and nails are the best, do not push the dead skin to the inside for the length of the nail bed, this will only hurt the nails, easy to infect bacteria.

6, Coated with nutrient oil, give the finger skin nutrition, as long as the point here is enough to pull, do not need a lot. Then massage and massage the nutrient oil on the fingertips with your fingertips to draw a circle!

7. The polishing strip (polishing block) is on the scene, and it is ground back and forth on the surface of the nail, and the surface of the nail is smoothed, so that the nail polish is also beautiful, and there is no feeling of a strip! This polishing can be done once a week, not much, because the nails will get thinner and thinner!