Micro electric grinding machine

- Jan 22, 2019-

1. As the name suggests: the volume is relatively small, easy to operate with one hand, is a subdivision of the conventional electric grinding machine, very professional.

2. Features: suitable for small space, finishing place, with small volume, high speed, good stability, almost no vibration, one-hand operation, not easy to fatigue, polished workpieces exquisite, delicate, can be replaced with polishing consumable materials widely The price is low, and the replacement of different consumables can be achieved: engraving, engraving, drilling, grinding, polishing, grinding, etc., so that the workpiece can achieve the effect of rough carving, fine grinding and high mirror brightness. The market also has a miniature electric grinder with vacuuming and lighting functions.

3. Variety: A micro electric grinder B micro angle grinder C micro electric front and rear reciprocating D micro electric reciprocating.