How to choose nail shape?

- Nov 09, 2020-

Oval nails

The nails with oval shapes from the center to the sides are the most elegant shape.

Suitable for people: people with large nails, oval fingertips can make nails look slender and slender.

Pruning method:

1. Polish the nail file from both ends to the middle, and polish a symmetrical horizontal shape on both sides.

2. Continue to polish from the edge of the nail to the center, and the sides are oval to the center.

Square round nail shape

Combines the elegance of oval nails and the strengths of French nails

Suitable for the crowd: Square nails are the ideal nail shape for most people.

Pruning method:

1. First, polish the nails to form a square nail with the top level, and polish them from both sides to the middle, keeping both sides symmetrical.

2. Round the right angles on both sides until the top of the nail shows an arc. The characteristic of square round nails is that there are still obvious straight lines on both sides. Don't grind the corners too smoothly.

Square nail shape

Nails with straight lines on both sides and sharp corners can also be called classic French nails

Suitable for the crowd: Square nails are suitable for nails with longer and larger area, which can narrow the nails visually and make the nails appear smaller than they actually are.

Pruning method:

1. Polish the edge of the nail in a horizontal state from both sides to the center, and polish a 90-degree right angle on both sides.

2. After you are satisfied with the length and shape, adjust the angle of the nail file and polish the right angles on both sides slightly.

Round nail shape

The front end is round, the sides are arc-shaped rounds, and the nails will look slim after the top is rounded

Suitable for the crowd: Suitable for those who want to have short nails or those with short and chunky nails.

Pruning method:

1. Grind the edge of the nail into a horizontal shape from both sides to the center.

2. Grind the corners of the edges into obvious arcs.

Pointed nail shape

The avant-garde pointed nails are best matched with crystal nails or artistic nails, and are very popular in Central Europe and Asia.

Suitable for the crowd: long nails (can also be extended nails)

Note: If the natural nail shape is too large or too small, or the finger is born with thicker people, it is not suitable for this nail shape.

Pruning method:

1. Carefully polish both sides of the nails to show a symmetrical shape with increasingly thin upwards.

2. Grind out a cone from both sides to the center until you get the desired effect.