Epilator features

- Jan 18, 2019-


1) The epilator generally has two speeds to choose from, which can adjust the hair removal speed suitable for sparse and thick hair;

2) Most of the epilators on the market use the latest international popular rubber anti-slip technology, which makes the hand feel better;

3) It can remove very short hair, can remove hair root as short as 0.25 mm, the effect is lasting and thorough, and the skin can keep smooth for three weeks;

4) Hair removal is more thorough than general shaving.

Edit this paragraph use method

1) Use the epilator to advance the tip at right angles to the skin and against the growth of the hair.

2) Before depilation, massage the arms and legs with a massage bath to make the hair rise. Hair removal began 15 minutes after the hot water bath. At this time, the skin is soft, the pores are dilated, and the pain is reduced to a minimum;

3) After depilation, you should also pay attention to moisturizing the skin with some gentle emulsion.