Bean Wax Heater

Beauty Pareffin wax heater.
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Product information

Name: Panaffin wax machine Bean Wax Heater

Model: SK-LJ61


Product size: 40*30*18 CM

Material composition: ABS+AS

Customization: OEM/ODM

Color box size: 44.5*30.5*22.5CM

Carton size: 63*45.5*72.5 CM

Stand-alone weight: 1450g

Power: 200w

Volume: 2800-3000ml

Voltage: 110V~240V (support customization)

Color: large quantity can be customized

Specification: 6 sets/piece

Net weight: 8.7kg

Gross weight: 13kg

Squares per box: 0.2

Product certification: CE, ROHS

Application areas: beauty salons, home and personal care

This product is an electronic temperature-controlled Baffin wax machine, which precisely controls the required temperature.


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